Why is art made? What role does it play in our society and culture? How does it benefit us?
For those who are interested in the history and analysis of the visual arts, the Visual Arts Department offers a comprehensive art history program. The educational experience for the art history student is centered on the knowledge and skills gained from rigorous and structured courses as well as the rich academic offerings throughout the university. Students study the basis of art history–the time the work was made, its style, formed in an historical period; the placing of the work of art in the period or place of origin; and, the artist, his/her time in history, his/her influencing predecessors, contemporaries and followers and schools of thought. Students also study forms–painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, and contemporary computer design and technology. At the end of their studies, students receiving the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art History degree are required to participate in an oral thesis presentation during which they demonstrate their understanding of the art object in history.

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