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Why is art made? What role does it play in our society and culture? How does it benefit us? For those who are interested in the history and analysis of the visual arts, the Visual Arts department offers a comprehensive art history program.

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Students receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography are encouraged to explore the historical and contemporary practice of photography, both in technique and concept.

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The Transmedia-Sculpture are provides an uncompromising level of contemporary media and sculpture instruction. Students learn the theory and practice of traditional three-dimensional art making alongside the four-dimensional space of digital and interactive art, working with objects, installation, body, video, sound, and projection in contemporary sculpture.

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The Digital Design emphasis integrates aesthetic, creative, and critical thought with expertise in advanced electronic media. Configured as an interdisciplinary arts and design laboratory, Digital Design offers a hands-on education combining new art technologies and design concepts within a concentrated theoretical framework that promotes an understanding of the cultural impact and uses of digital technologies.

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The Illustration emphasis is grounded in both traditional and digital studio techniques of storytelling, providing students the formal and conceptual base from which to express their ideas and communicate through visual art.



The Painting and Drawing program takes a contemporary approach, integrating painting and drawing into a studio discipline that is as rich in visual arts history as it is charged with contemporary innovation.

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Digital Animation

The Digital Animation program provides an uncompromising level of university-level undergraduate instruction in the theory, practice, and application of digital 3D media. The CU Denver Digital Animation Center’s (DAC) program is supplemented by a backbone of course instruction in arts aesthetics as well as critical thinking and communication skills while providing an intense level of expertise, instruction and immersion in digital 3D animation and graphics.

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