The Digital Animation program provides an uncompromising level of university-level undergraduate instruction in the theory, practice, and application of digital 3D media. The CU Denver Digital Animation Center’s (DAC) program is supplemented by a backbone of course instruction in arts aesthetics as well as critical thinking and communication skills while providing an intense level of expertise, instruction and immersion in digital 3D animation and graphics. The need for digital animation tools that can support visualization, modeling, representation of complex data, simulation, entertainment and the manipulation of a virtual reality is itself a growing virtual reality. Students will be prepared to excel in a multitude of industries including feature film, broadcast, scientific visualization, medical imaging and engineering. The DAC’s precisely focused curriculum prepares students for careers within a urban, four-year university experience that is a well-rounded liberal arts education with the traditional components of a fine arts education, in state-of-the-art facilities and provides high-tech skills needed for this demanding curriculum. The goal of the CU Denver DAC is to bring together diverse scholars and practitioners who seek creative imaging and visualization solutions for evolving research and to set them in partnerships with artists of digital media. Such collaborations will provide the visual solutions for explaining and defining complex technical data. The CU Denver DAC is dedicated to producing productive competent animators that are problem solvers, critical thinkers and are prepared to enter the workforce as leaders and managers.

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